#weddingwednesday Wedding Shoe Inspiration from Clarity and Class

Photo Credit:  Novaes Photography

Photo Credit: Novaes Photography

One of the many decisions you will have to make on your wedding day is what you will wear! But it doesn't stop there, first there is the DRESS! (or suit for our more progressive brides), then the hair piece such as a crown, viel, fascinator, etc. oh, and then there is the jewelry. But you can't forget the shoes.  Many ladies have a Pinterest Board full of thoughtfully curated wedding shoe inspirations even before they are even engaged.

So here are a few of our favorite Clarity and Class brides' choices for wedding shoes! There are some brands that are synonymous with wedding shoes like Badgley Mischka and Manolo Blahnik.

Photo Credit:  Novaes Photography

Photo Credit: Novaes Photography

But we think that the best shoe is the shoe that you can comfortably wear on your wedding day and at every anniversary there after! (so you can call it an investment)

Photo Credit:  Sharmila Photography

Photo Credit: Sharmila Photography

Whether you choose a tall heel or a short heel, white or something blue.  We recommend to our brides to choose a shoe that makes you feel like the very best version of you! 

Photo Credit:  Emily Clack Photography

Like and comment below and share with us a link of your favorite wedding shoes! We can never get enough of looking at shoes! 

Photo Credit:  Bliss Culture Photo

Photo Credit: Bliss Culture Photo

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