#FriendorFriday: Meet the eye behind the Camera

There are vendors with extreme talent, then there are vendors with extreme talent + a great personality! Meeting Geoffrey was great! I worked alongside of him for Natalie + Doug's wedding in Washington, D.C. When it came to service, he was among the cream of the crop in the vendor world. Always helpful and available, he made my job on the day of and leading to a breeze.  So of course it was my pleasure to highlight him as this Friday's featured vendor.  

What is the best way to describe your cinema production and style?

I adapt my style to what fits the client best. However, if had to put a name to my style it would be Cinematic Photojournalism.  We simply maintain a cinematic documentary of the story as it unfolds while staying as unobtrusive as possible.  That means no directing how to pose, what to say, or when to smile. It’s capturing the bride and groom kissing in between the photo poses, the teardrop as the bride reacts to the groom saying his vows and more. In some cases capturing these moments takes some advance planning specific to a wedding (i.e. attending wedding rehearsal at the Church). Other times it’s a matter of adapting to the situation as it develops and making the most of it.

What are your biggest inspirations in your work?

I am always inspired by life stories. Our lives are a collection of experiences that tell a story about us.  This might sound cliché but when I meet the bride and groom during the planning phase, their story is what inspires me and their wedding allows me to capture them becoming one and the beginning a new chapter.

What lead you down the path of cinematic production?

About 20 years ago while attending an event a friend of mine who worked at a TV station at that time needed a second shooter. I offered to assist, she proceeded to give me a basic tutorial of what to do. I excelled at it and had lots of fun in the process. Five years later I got an opportunity to purchase a Mac that was preloaded with final cut pro. This opened the way for me to learn how to edit. I became good at it and that ultimately led me to being hired as an editor and later a filmmaker at one of the premiere wedding production companies in Bethesda Maryland. After working there for 7 years I went out on my own and founded G Muse Studios.

What has been your favorite moment in your career?

The favorite moment in my career is the day I booked my first client after establishing the business in 2010. That first 'small step' in a journey that has made G Muse Studios what it is today.

What are your favorite styles or some of your cinematic inspirations?

I am a big fan of Cinematic documentary stories and my two biggest inspirations and Ray Roman Films and StillMotion.

How do you help a client narrow down some of their choices?

I help clients narrow down their choices by meeting them and listening to what their needs are. I then present the choices that best match the needs and based on the cost and style of coverage they are looking for.  In some cases I do offer custom quotes especially for cultural weddings that may run for multiple days.

What are some of your dream weddings, events or venues?

My dream wedding is one which bride and groom has fun and engages each other a lot. They are the stars of the show and that kind of chemistry just pops on the screen and its all you can ask for. When it comes to venues it is hard to pick one because by the time the florists and planners are done with the setup they all are awesome. However, if I had to pick then I would go with DC venues that have character and/or history such as The Willard, Mellon Auditorium, Women's Museum, and National Cathedral The list is endless!

How can your clients contact you?

I may be reached by email - info@gmusestudios.com or via phone (240)310-5637.  My portfolio is available on my website www.gmusestudios.com and via social media https://www.facebook.com/gmusestudios/#

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