#FriendorFriday: Meet the talented lady behind Designs by Oochay

Oochay (spelled Uche) is a floral prodigy.  She is a rising star in the Wedding Community with breathtaking designs and a universe of passion behind it! Each of arrangements is Pinterest worthy! If you don't know who she is, well you may be hiding under a rock!  Check out our Q&A below and meet one of Maryland's best wedding vendors. 

What is the best way to describe your floral design and style?

My floral design and style evolves continuously, and I won’t say I have a particular style.  However, I gravitate towards the organic and earthy floral designs incorporating greenery with flowers. I love incorporating different textures in my floral designs, be it in a bouquet or centerpiece.

What are your biggest inspirations in your work?

I know this might sound cliché but the couples I meet inspires me. I love meeting new people and listening to their stories. I am particularly inspired by brides who let me create from the heart without restrictions.

What lead you down the path of floral design?

My wedding! I planned my wedding from out of state and I really wanted to have orchids at my wedding, although I couldn’t afford it back then. So, I centered my wedding colors on the different orchid colors. I also learned a lot about flowers, their meanings, and seasons and I began to have a deep appreciation for them. After my wedding, I’d purchase flowers at the grocery store and make cute arrangements. I also noticed that my friends & family would solicit my help to decorate their events. I started to take myself more seriously and enrolled in a floral workshop – 2 days with Intrigue, taught by Sarah Campbell. I left that workshop feeling so inspired that I couldn’t just let floral design be a hobby, so I took the plunge and launched by business.

What has been your favorite moment in your career?

My favorite moment in my career happened recently, when I quit my corporate job to pursue floral design full time. The feeling of running my own business doing what I LOVE and I’m very passionate about is simply the best feeling ever! It reinforces my belief that I was created for a purpose and not just to work for money.

What are your favorite styles or some of your floral inspirations?

I really like all styles, it’s such a hard question because I create based on my client’s needs. If I had to choose, I’d say free form bouquets and arrangements are my favorite. I also love lush designs. I love color and I tend to gravitate towards jewel tone colors as well.

Some of my floral inspirations in the industry are Colin Cowie, Karen Tran, Jeff Leatham, Katie Davis of Ponderosa & Thyme.

How do you help a client narrow down some of their choices?

Budget! Some of my clients have the most lavish ideas, which I absolutely love, however, they have budget restrictions. That plays a major role into what and how creative we can get, so I help them narrow down their choices by asking simple questions like what are your must have’s? Then I make suggestions based on those.  

What are some of your dream floral designs?

Structure designs like flower walls, floral chandeliers, and basically any structure that I can dress up with flowers.

How can prospective clients contact you?

I may be reached by email - info@designsbyoochay.com or via phone (240)389-3599.

My portfolio is available on my website www.designsbyoochay.com and via social media  @designsbyoochay






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