#FriendorFriday: It's all in a name, meet Catherine George

A beautiful cake sweeps me off my feet.  It's often a small detail that kind of gets left behind in the process.  But for me, I always start out my vision with the cake.  So get to know this beautiful face (which I'm whose name will one day become a household name) and her talent to create stunning + edible works of art! 

Catherine, so happy to have you featured here, lets start off with the basics? Who are you? Where are you from?

I'm Catherine of Catherine George Cakes. I'm from the DC area and I love it here!

What brought you into the baking industry?  What do you love most about it?

I suppose I always enjoyed baking, but I really got into it when Martha Stewart went to prison for insider trading. I was in college and I totally became a fan. I used to watch her show on my roommate's TiVo. Her recipes are the best, so it was a good way to learn about baking. She is a shark, and I love her. I have a photo of her on the wall of my kitchen (it's not as creepy as it sounds) and we very nearly met once (see below). 



I think I love the creativity involved, making people happy, and how tangible it is. There is so much day to day problem solving, so it stays fresh.

What do you enjoy most about baking and baking sweet wedding/special event treats?  What are the services you provide to help ease a clients mind?

My cakes are a luxury product, and I try to approach my clients with that in mind. I really want to listen and try to process what's important to them so I can nail it. The best part is if they love the cake and it comes together as part of a happy celebration. 

What is your top favorite design you have ever booked? How was it challenging?

I can't tell you because it's for later this summer, but I'm so excited about it! It's going to be beautiful but with a few personal touches that will keep it from being too serious.

What should a client expect from you when contacting you about your services? 

Hopefully, they'll have fun the whole way through. At a tasting, we discuss design options and budget and later I provide a full color sketch of the cake. It's cake, it should be fun!

What are some tips you would give clients for narrowing down their ideal design?

 I actually don't mind if clients come in with a bunch of inspiration and no specific design ideas. What I need to know is what you know you love and what you don't, and it's my job to listen and process and propose a solution I think might I work.

How far in advance should a client book your services?

As far ahead as a year and preferably by 3 months out. I'm a tiny business, so dates do fill up, but I don't have a firm deadline because if I can help you, I will. 

How can a client get in touch with you if they would like to have a consultation?

They can use the form on my website (www.catherinegeorgecakes.com),  email catherine@catherinegeorgecakes.com or call 202-656-8640




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