Why should you hire a wedding coordinator?

Photo Credit:  Erin Scott Photography

Congratulations on your engagement if you are engaged + reading this blog! Your wedding is a milestone in your life that you will never forget.  It is the celebration of two people creating a union in love, respect and joy! But until that wedding takes place you have a lot of planning to do.  If you are like many engaged couples, having a wedding planner may be out of your budget, which is completely understandable. However, you should consider hiring a wedding coordinator for your wedding day. 

1.  Be the Star at your own wedding!

Beyonce and Britney Spears wouldn’t run their own events and neither should you.  Your wedding day is the day you get to be the star.  Friends and family from near and far have come to celebrate you both on this joyous occasion.  Pamper yourself by allowing yourself to be completely carried away in the celebration.  Leave the timeline and vendor concerns to a professional who is prepared to carefully orchestrate your special day.

2.  You don’t have time for that!

Let’s be honest, emergencies and unexpected things will happen.  This isn’t a scare tactic, but the honest truth.  You may have a guest who spills a drink on herself or you may get a tear or a button will fall off on your suit or dress, you can run around (or send your maid of honor to) trying to solve the problem, or you can have a professional wedding coordinator on standby to handle those emergencies. When I show up to weddings, I bring along a bridal emergency kit, with sewing kit, safety pins, deodorant, hairspray.  Everything to make sure we are fully prepared to handle whatever situation comes our way.   Let yourself enjoy those moments with the people closest to you and let me handle the stress.

3.  You can AFFORD it!

Let’s face it, the cost of weddings isn’t going down anytime soon.  However, even if you can’t afford    a professional wedding planner, it’s so important to take the time to invest in a wedding coordinator.  At Clarity and Class, we offer a 25% down payment and payment plans up to 10 months! You can make a small monthly payment up to one month before the wedding so that you can balance our rates with those of your other vendors.  You can’t afford to spend so much money for a beautiful wedding and then not be able to enjoy it because you thought you could go without a coordinator on your wedding day.  After every wedding, I’m constantly told that it was the best investment that they’ve made.  I work with my clients to make sure they can invest in a wedding coordinator without having to dig too deep in the budget. 

Contact us if you are interested in learning more about our Emerald Month of Coordination package. Our packages are competitively priced and we offer an additional discount if you want to add an 'A La Carte' package.   If you are ready to let Clarity and Class orchestrate your day, click here so we can set a time to chat.