#FriendorFriday: Meet the sweet nature loving floral designer behind Twine & Toil

 Photo Credit:  Sy Photography

Photo Credit: Sy Photography

I met Taquilla Martin at the Fall 2016 #Intrigued Tour in Annapolis, MD.  She and several others were a part of this hands-on class provided by Sarah of Intrigued Designs.  It was a fun class where we learned about designing spiral bouquets and boutonnieres.  Since then we've remained connected and its been really fun watching her talents flourish alongside her gorgeous designs.  I wanted to get to know a little more about her and her skills and share that with you all!

What is the best way to describe your floral design and style?

I love putting together garden style flower arrangements. The earthiness of the greens and foliage reflect my earthy, grounded nature so I tend to design with that in mind. I also prefer shapely arrangements that reach out and spill over, creating character that’s not easily duplicated.

What are the biggest inspirations in your work?

In the warmer months I walk around outdoors a lot and I always see flowers and trees doing their own thing, creating naturally flowing, sometimes not so perfect designs. But that gives me the inspiration to try to mimic that natural pattern. But usually I can’t compete, lol.  It’s hard to match Mother Nature.

What led you down the path of floral design?

I had been on a search for years to figure out what my passion was and how I could use my skills and talents to start a profitable business. I knew I wanted a something where I could express my creativity, be able to work out in nature and work on short term projects that were diverse and changed on a regular basis. I’d been doing floral design for a bit and finally decided to take advanced design classes to see what I was made of and that was all she wrote! Once I made the decision to turn my hobby into a business everything started to fall in place for me. I took a "Launch your Business" course by Rosetta Thurman of Happy Black Woman and a couple of months later Twine & Toil was born.

What has been your favorite moment in your career?

When I first launched Twine & Toil! I’d never done anything like this before. Creating that website, signing the papers for my business license and actually putting myself out there was one of the proudest moments I’ve ever had for myself. If I could get past the fear to do this, then what couldn’t I do?

What are some of your favorite styles or inspirations?

My favorite styles tend to be rustic and garden based. Rustic themes in general are my favorite, with all those natural woods and metals and free flowing flower arrangements.

What are some of your dream floral designs?

I love outdoor weddings that have table runners, wreaths, ceremony arches, and garland galore! The more foliage the better!

How can your clients contact you?

Clients can contact me on my website at www.twineandtoil.com, by email at taquillamartin@twineandtoil.com, and on Facebook and Instagram at Twine & Toil.


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