#FriendorFriday : Meet Invitation Designer Extraordanaire, Pomp Creative



Good day! Welcome to another addition of #FriendorFriday  Part of being a wedding planner & designer in the Washington, DC area is that we are truly blessed to meet a host of talented professionals!  I love catching up with Liz to see what gorgeous designs she's been creating. Liz was sweet enough to take the time to answer some questions about herself and her business! I'm hoping you will see the sheer talent I see in her, she has been blessed with a creative gene that screams elegance and sophistication! Read her answers below and see for yourself! 

What is the best way to describe your invitation design and style?

Honestly, it’s hard for me to pinpoint my signature style. Before I quit my day job to become an entrepreneur, my background as a designer was in branding, specifically corporate events. I’ve had to morph my style to fit my client’s look and feel. But I would say that I gravitate toward simple, elegant typography and I love a little foil if budget allows. 

What are your biggest inspirations in your work?

I would say that each couple inspires me in their own way. I love taking what makes their relationship and wedding unique and putting a little of that in my design. For that reason, I prefer custom work. 

What lead you down the path of graphic design/paper design?

I was always artistically inclined but I didn’t think I could really make a career of it. I graduated from American University with a degree in Accounting of all things. Once in the workforce, I realized quickly that Accounting wasn’t for me. I went back to school and received my BFA in graphic design from the Corcoran College of Art and Design, so that means I went to college for 8 years! But it was totally worth it. I wouldn’t change a thing.

What has been your favorite moment in your career?

One day my 8 year old came into my office and said, “Mom, you have the coolest job. I want to be just like you.” She melted my heart. An added benefit of running my own business is showing my 3 girls that they can be and do whatever they want.



What are your favorite styles or some of your inspirations?

I love art deco for its opulence and sparkle and turn to that style often for inspiration.

How do you help a client narrow down some of their choices? 

I think in general my clients somewhat have an idea of what they want, but they just need some help bringing it to life, which is why they come to me. I have a initial consultation with every client so I can pick their brain and discuss what makes their wedding or event unique. After our consultation, I give my clients 2-3 comps of their entire invitation suite so they can get an idea of how all the elements—invitation, response card, and envelopes—will work together. From there, it’s usually a simple decision. 

What are some of your dream designs?

I love laser cut designs and hope I get the opportunity to create a laser cut invitation suite for a client sometime soon.

How can your clients contact you?


Clarity and Class

Clarity and Class, Events and Design, LLC , 14065 Elm Street, Upper Marlboro, MD, 20772