My name is Sonia, I am the Owner and Creative God-Mother of Clarity and Class, a sophisticated wedding and events planner with a refreshing down to earth personality and a passion for creating and executing the unique visions of my clients.  I have planned events for others for over three years for non-profits, corporate groups and privately. It was those opportunities presented to me that allowed me to make the step to create a company that truly expressed my love for intimate moments and unforgettable memories!

I grew up in humble beginnings with an ambitious mother that tackled every problem with a solution! She was my personal MacGuyver and muse! Being exposed to that has made me strong in knowing that every problem big or small can be tackled with thought and motivation.   The same attitude she instilled in me is the same one I carry with me today!  

I am inspired by life, love and everything around me! I am motivated by passionate people who are not afraid to be themselves and love to have a great time. I believe in expressing your joy in originality. I believe in touching every soul you meet to the best of your ability!

I create and coordinate events in the Washington D.C. area, Maryland and Northern Virginia.  I am also a fluent Spanish speaker and love the opportunity to be a part of all types of weddings including cultural!

Member of the Association of Bridal Consultant, www.bridalassn.com
Certified Sandals Specialist, www.sandals.com